10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites Online (LIVE)

Best Sports Streaming Sites – Hey busy guys! Are you really missing to see your favourite sports? Are you looking for a platform to watch them live for free? Then you are at the right place 😊. There are numerous websites to provide live streaming online for free. We are going to list down the top 10 sports streaming websites to watch your favourites online.

As I have mentioned earlier, we are very busy to sit and watch every match at our homes on the TVs and that too with ads. Also we can’t go out to stadium to watch them live. So, instead of going to the stadium, Internet is providing us Free Sports Streaming Sites. Yeah there are many sites on the internet and really, they are free of cost. This is nice to hear, isn’t it sport lovers?

free sports streaming sites

Here I am going to list the Free Sports Streaming Sites for you and more details about them. Read the complete article, have a fun and don’t miss any of your favorite sport😊.

As we are doing internet searching and to redirect the useless and scam doing sites, I have listed the best sports streaming sites. So, this article will help you to choose the best sites and save your time.

Note: If you are not able to access any of these listed websites, the reason might be the geo restriction for these sites. Few of the websites are accessible only one few countries. If you try and couldn’t able to access, then try accessing them from other country using VPN. VPN is a tool to access internet from whichever the countries. Psiphon is one of such great VPN software.

Here is how you can install Psiphon – Download Psiphon for Android/iOS/ PC.

Top 10 Free Sports Streaming sites:


espn - website to watch sports free

ESPN is the topmost and popular sport channel in the world. You will get minute to minute coverage, match highlights, scores and running commentary for sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, f1, rugby etc. So this is one of the best website to watch sports online for free. ESPN is a joint venture owned by disney company. 

Most of the sports are available to stream from US only in ESPN. So, if you are not from the US you cannot use this service unless and until you use VPN based on US country. Install any VPNs like Psiphon or ExpressVPN so that you can watch the all sports which are available in the ESPN.

2. fromHOT.com

fromhot - Free Sports Streaming Sites

FromHot is a popular sports network to watch live streaming. It is one of the popular free sports streaming sites. Here you can watch your favourite games like Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, baseball, Golf etc and many other popular games around the world. The advantage of this site is good navigation where you can access the content you want very much quickly.

You can visit this FromHot website by visiting this following link and enjoy the live sports streaming online at free of cost – fromHot.

3. Sky Sports

sky sports - free sports streaming site

Sky Sports has been a dominant player in the digital TV for many years due to its wide offering and choices. You can watch the live coverage of your favourite sports like  Football, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, F1, Boxing on Sky sports. 

Sky sports also offers you the latest and trending sports news and live score cards. Sky sports is a sub-company to Comcast. It is one of the top sports brand in UK and ireland. So browse through the sky sports and enjoy your favourites sports online for free.

4. Stream2watch

stream2watch - website to watch sports online

Stream2Watch can show you almost every available sports and game in the world. All the major sports like Football, cricket, volleyball, hockey, Tennis are available for live telecasting in Stream2Wtach platform. You don’t even need to register to watch the content. Just open the website and start streaming right away.

There are mainly two advantages of this site. One of them is you can watch almost all sport channels with HD quality, and the second one is – this site has number of servers. If you are not able to watch it from the one server, you can try with second, third etc. servers. This makes Stream2Watch a reliable source to watch free sports streaming online.

5. Hotstar

hotstar - top site for free sports

Hotstar is the most popular website for watching cricket online. This is streaming application which is owned by Star Networks. There are other sports as well streaming live in Hotstar. You can watch cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Badminton, Hokey, Tennis, Formula1 etc. Hotstar is popular over the recent years after telecasting IPL matches.

Hotstar is available as an application across mobile devices which are on Android, iOS and Apple TV platforms and you can watch almost every sport which is held in India in High Definition. Hotstar ussers can watch live sports directly and no need of a sign in. Most of the sports in Hotstar are free to watch. You may experience 5 minutes delay for few of the sports. If you want to watch them live, you need to have hotstar premium subscription.


sonylive - best site to watch free sports

Sony Liv also available for any platform like Android and iOS. It is one of the channel owned by Sony pictures. You can watch every sports which you like without any hassle kind of ads. If you are very particular and enthusiast about the sports, here you can get the hot news about the sports which are currently happening. This is one of the best site to watch sports online for free.

Just like Hotstar, you can watch most of the content for free in SonyLiv. Again there may be a delay of 5 minutes for few sports. Subscription is required to watch them live.

7. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is one of the best free Sports streaming free site. This has an easy navigation bar which helps to run with your desired live sports. You can watch all your favourite sports like foot ball, basket ball, base ball, Hockey, Hand ball, Motor sports and many more. And it has many servers across the glob so if you want to watch the sports on FirstRow Sports, just open the website and stream the live sports.

8. Fox Sports

fox sports - watch sports live

Fox Sports is yet another excellent source to watch sports online. It covers wide range of topics like players, teams, match highlights, scores, schedules, standings and fantasy games along with live match streaming. 

All the major events like FIFA World cup, NFL etc. are being telecasted in Fox sports. You can even watch college football league in this space. Headquarter at Californea, Fox sports is dedicated to regional and national sports live broadcasting and this makes entry to the best sports streaming sites online.

9. Laola1

laola1- sports free sites

Laola1 is australia based online sports TV that brings to your the best of sports and leagues across the world as they happen. Now sports lovers can enjoy the live matches of their favourite sports. Missed any live match? No problem. Laola1 will have match highlights video as soon as the live match ends.

Founded in 2001, Laola1 is the first made for the mobile sports channel. You can enjoy Football, Basketball, cricket and many more here. It has a very good content and user base across the world. This makes Laola1 to capture to top 9 spot of the list of free sports streaming sites.

 10. Ultra Sports

best sports streaming site

Ultra Sports is another popular sports network to provide us with Sports updates and live match streaming. This website is having clean and simple UI where you can just open and browse through their catalogue of sports to watch them live.

Ultra sports offers you Football, NFL, Tennis, Motorsports, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, cricket, handball, Rugby, Volley ball etc. You can even get the sports news related to various sports.

Best Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Live Sports for Free – Conclusion:

Watching your favourite sports online with your loved ones is always fun. There are numerous websites online to provide you with the live streaming of almost all major sports at free of cost. We have listed down the top 10 best among them based on their popularity and the stream quality of sports.

You can just open any of these website to watch cricket, football, tennis etc and watch matches as they happen. Few of the sites even have android or iOS apps available to watch on your smartphones. Did we miss out any website? Do let us know through comments. We will add that to the list. Cheers!

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