Is Bluestacks Safe to Download and Use on PC (Windows & Mac)?

Is Bluestacks Safe ? – Bluestacks is one of the most popular and extensively used Android emulator. Millions of people across the world prefers Bluestacks than any other emulators available. But is Bluestacks safe? It is fine to download and install it on your Windows or Mac laptop? We are going to give a detailed explanation about the bluestacks functionalities and conclude with whether it is safe to use or not.

is bluestacks safe

Why Bluestacks?

Android emulators are piece of software which allows you to create virtual android environment on your PC and there by allows us to install our favourite android application in laptop. It mimics an Android phone. Bluestacks is termed as one of the fastest and reliable Android emulator. Recently there were tens of emulators developed and released over the internet at free of cost but nothing could beat Bluestacks App player in this matter.

If you don’t have a smartphone or if you are a android developer and quickly wanted to check your APK file? Bluestacks is there to help you out.
But most of the people are worrying about secutiry and data privacy concerns of using Bluestacks app. So let’s be clear on these concerns in this detailed guide.

Why to concern about your Data with Bluestacks?

Now a days a lot of tech companies are being comprised for data security and eventually consumers data is being hacked. Same is the case with Facebook, Quora and a few other popular online services.

So as a normal app user, it doesn’t sounds abnormal if you are thinking about safety and security of your data. Actually it is a good gesture to think about these before downloading and installing any new software on our laptop.

There is no sign or it is never happened before with Bluestacks. Yes, till now from it’s release on 2011, no security breaches were found on this software. So with this we can find that it is safe to use Bluestacks on our laptop.

Most of the top companies like Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, AMD etc have invested on Bluestacks to make it better and safe platform for it’s users. More than 20 million people are using Bluestacks app player to run billions of android applications. It is developed to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to the next level. You can experience the best on your laptop with full screen.

Which Technology Bluestacks uses?

Bluestacks has the patent for Layer Cake technology they have developed to run android apps on PC. 

With Bluestack’s LayerCake technology which accelerates the computer hardware components to get the improved performance for Android games on PC version.  Bluestacks speed and performance has improved a lot after introducing this LayerCake technology to their plaform. This is completely related to hardware and it’s not related to safety measures.

Many top magazines and news websites has praised Bluestacks for it’s usage and completeness. Here are a few quoting as is –

Overall, the integration with Windows via a simple desktop gadget proved to be clean and seamless.” – CNET
Finally! Now You Can Get Thousands of the Best Android Apps on PC.” – Business Insider

Is Bluestacks is safe for Apps?

We always recommend you to download the apps from Google playstore only. Google verifies every app that is being uploaded to playstore and deletes if it contains any viruses and malicious software. Hence you will get clean versions of apps from Playstore.

But many of us downloads the apps from third party websites and installs on our android mobiles. So if you are downloading the APK files directly, then you need to take care the about safety issues. Because if it contains any harmful programs, then it may cause data leaks or safety issues.

So to answer is Bluestacks safe?Bluestacks is safe as far as you download the android apps from trusted sources like Google playstore. Don’t compromise on security by directly installing the APK files.

Also, it is not recommended to use banking applications and not to share any sensitive information using apps installed on Bluestacks. Always use secured HTTPS connections enabled official websites for money related transactions.  You can use bluestacks only to play your favourite games and to test your APK files.

Bluestacks Safety Report from Different Anti-virus Software:

We have Downloaded the Bluestacks software from the official website and tested it using different Anti virus softwares like Kaspersky, Avast, Bitdefender etc. We have got clean chit from every anti virus detector softwares we have tested.

But make sure you download the Bluestacks software from official website only. Here is the Bluestacks official websiteBluestacks. Just open the link and you will find latest version of Bluestacks download link. If you have any anti virus software installed on your laptop, it will detect for any malicious software you are installing on it. You should not get any issues in this whole process.

How to Install Apps from Playstore in Bluestacks:

Now let’s see how we can install Android applications from Google Playstore in Bluestacks App. Once you have installed the Bluestacks app player on your Windows 10/8/7 or Mac laptop, Just do follow these steps to install android applications to Bluestacks.

  • Once Bluestacks App player successfully installed, Just launch it on your laptop. It may take few seconds to load initially. Wait for it to load.
  • Now it will ask you to Sign ip with your Google account. Give your Google account credentials and click on Sign in button.
  • After successful signin, you should be able to see Bluestacks home screen.
  • You can find Installed Apps folder in it. Just double click on that folder.
  • Find Google Playstore App icon in that list of preinstalled apps in Bluestacks. Open Google Playstore.
is bluestacks safe for pc
  • Search for your favourite android app which you want to download to Bluestacks.
  • Now choose the app and click on Install button.
is bluestacks safe for windows
  • It takes some time to install the app on Bluestacks depending upon your internet connectivity.

Once it is done, you can go back to the home screen in Bluestacks and voila! You could see the app you have just installed on Bluestacks app player.
Double click on the app icon and start using it right away.

You can follow these steps to install your favourite games like PUBG, Temple Run, Mini Militia and apps like Snapseed, Inshorts and many more.

To keep safe Bluestacks for PC Windows or Mac, do always follow this method to Download and Install the Apps in Bluestacks. Do not download any MOD version APKs and Install them directly in Bluestacks. They may contains malicious software.

There is a separate version of Bluestacks available for Mac as well. So download the Bluestacks app player for Mac from official website and then only use App store to Download apps to keep safe Bluestacks for Mac OS Laptop.

Here is short official video of Bluestacks App player:

Bluestacks New Version Features:

Bluestacks is releasing updates to it’s software on regular basis. They do rectify if there are any issues with it. They always add security improvements. So update to the latest version of Bluestacks as they release.

Bluestacks 4 is the newest version of Bluestacks. Bluestacks 4 has improved technology to utilise the CPU and memory resources as minimum as possible to give good performance. It’s a simple and lean version of Bluestacks. 

Bluestacks 4 uses Android Nougat version. It is reportedly 6X faster than every phone on the earth. Here are few interesting facts about Bluestacks – 

  • 3,50,000 people downloads bluestacks every day
  • Fastest among all other Android emulators
  • 6X faster than every phone
  • 300 Million people are using Bluestacks

What are the System Requirements for Bluestacks 4?

Bluestacks 4 is a high end software. Your system configuration should meet these recommendation to get the seamless experience. Otherwise you may face issues with it’s performance while playing the high graphics games like PUBG for Laptop.

  • OS : Windows 7 or above
  • Processor  : Intel or AMD processor
  • Hard Disk : 4 GB disk space
  • RAM : At least 4 GB
  • Good Graphics card

Is Bluestacks Safe? – Conclusion:

So to conclude this article Is Bluestacks Safe to Use – Let’s summarise what we have gone through till now in this blog post. Bluestacks is an high end graphics Android Emulator for using Android application on PC. It uses highly secure layer cake technologies which makes the system fast and resilient.

There are no instances happened till now regarding the data breaches with Bluestacks. So if you asks me Is Bluestacks safe, I would say it is very safe to install bluestacks until and unless you install correct applications in that. 

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