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Best Sites like 123Movies123Movies is one of the best movie streaming websites where you can just go and watch your favourite movies and TV series for free. 123Movies is not accessible now due to various reasons. So people started searching for best alternatives to 123Movies and websites like 123Movies where you can stream movies online for free. Here in this guide, we are going to list you the top 10 sites like 123movies.

Government of US is taking strict action against the websites that are streaming movies without content rights. It is absolutely illegal to store or share videos of copyrighted material. 123Movies is also one of the victim of this act and we have seen 123Movies(dot)com is already shut down. Same action is being taken by other piracy websites like putlocker, Kisscartoon etc for copyright infringement.

sites like 123movies

There are pretty much big list of websites that similar to 123Movies. We have listed down both legal and illegal ways to watch movies online. Ads are very irritating on these movie sites like 123Movies. We have noted down a trick to watch movies without ads at the end of this article.

We haven’t provided the links for these websites because they keep changing as the telecom and government is banning the websites. Just search with the same name in Google to get the latest website URL.

Note : Few of the websites listed here may be restricted access on few countries. Use VPN tools to bypass the restrictions and watch the Full HD movies and TV Shows in your country. Psiphon is one of the best VPN tool. Here is a simple guide to install Psiphon – Download Psiphon for PC

Top 10 Websites like 123Movies to Stream Movies Online Free:

Here is the list of Sites like 123Movies to Watch Movies Online for Free.

  • GoMovies

sites like 123movies - gomovies

GoMovies is one of the best movies watching websites for free. Hence it is listed on the top spot of sites like 123Movies. You can watch almost every film or tv shows that is available in 123Movies with GoMovies.

GoMovies has a huge library of Movies and TV Shows. You can browse through the movies by Genre, Release Year and Country. Movies are available across the genres like Action, Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, History, Drama, War, Family, Romance, Animation and Adventure. You can just open the website and start playing your favourite movie or TV show without even logging in to the site.

GoMovies has content with HD Quality, CAM recorded movies and SD quality. You can find the quality of the movie on the movie banner itself. One of the annoying part of GoMovies is it’s advertisements. Wherever you click on the website, a new windows will open with ads. Apart from this, GoMovies is a best websites like 123Movies with good content. 

  • Movies4U

like 123movies - movies4u

Another good alternative website like 123Movies is Movie4U. It has very simple interface where can find the stunning content. Movies4U has huge catalogue of movies and tvshows of all regions. Browse through the movies and tv shows by genre, release year, IMDB rating and alphabet series.

Top IMDB rated movies are available in a separate section at Movies4U. Latest movies are being added to the list every day in HD quality. This makes Movies4U as a best alternative to 123Movies.

No registration required to watch movies here. You can even request the team to upload your favourite movies or shows to it’s platform. On the top right corner of the home screen, find Request Movies option. Fill your details and the movie which you want to watch. They will consider it.

  • FMovies

sites like 123movies - fmovies

One of the biggest online movies streaming platform, FMovies has announced it’s shutdown recently but it is still available with different domain extension. It is one of the best 123Movies alternative where you can find the latest movies and episodes of your favourite shows.

Subscribe to it’s mailer list to get notification when new movies or tv shows are added and also movie news updates. FMovies also has premium version to watch highest quality videos with minimal changes. Navigating to the deck of movies is very easy and you can find HD, SD & CAM recorded movies at FMovies.

FMovies is very good when it comes to ads. I didn’t find even a single advertisement starting from landing page to streaming a movie. It’s Most Watched section contains the list of best movies watched based on the users watched the most. You will find a great stuff here.

  • Sony Crackle

123movies alternatives - sony crackle

Sony Crackle is an official website of Sony Pictures Ltd. to stream it’s original content, movies from other production companies. It works based on advertisements revenue model. As it is a legal website, you can find all quality stream movies here for free.

Sony Crackle is absolutely free to use. You don’t need to pay anything to watch uncut and unedited versions of Hollywood movies. New movies are being added constantly in Sony Crackle and old movies are being removed from it’s platform. You will have lumps of movies to watch anytime on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It has around 75 TV series with all episodes across genres like Comedy, Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure and Horror.

Sony crackle also works on PS4, XBOX, Samsung Blu Ray Players, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Playstation and other smart tv devices. So Sony Crackle is one of the good alternative to 123Movies for watching movies online FREE.

  • Solar Movies

sites like 123Movies - solar movies

Another best 123Movies Alternative is Solar Movies One. It has top movies and tv shows season wise. Solar Movies doesn’t host anything on their servers. all the movies and links are provided by non-affiliated third parties. This becomes the reason for Solar Movies not being banned.

Solar Movies has pretty fast loading and you can watch movies seamless even on low bandwidth internet. You won’t experience struck while streaming the content. Solar movies even has resume play or continue watching option which allows us to play from where we have stopped earlier. This option available only if you want logged in to the website.

You won’t find much advertisements in this site and every content is free to stream if you create an account with Solar Movies. This makes Solar Movies a good alternative for sites like 123Movies.

  • Vumoo

websites like 123movies - vumoo

Vumoo is yet another best website to watch movies online for free. It is similar to 123Movies where you can just browse and watch movies. You can enjoy your favourite flicks with Vumoo easily. Vumoo has a great UI design and easy to navigate structure. It is one of the best sites like 123Movies.

Thousands of movies and shows are available to stream in Vumoo with different options. It has all genres of content year wise. You can find the recently released movies on top of the list. HD, SD and CAM quality movies are available. No registration is required to watch a movie with Vumoo. Similar to Movies4U, here also you can request for your favourite movie through Request option available. 

  • PopCornFlix

popcornflix - sites like 123movies

People really loves PopCornFlix for it’s outstanding user interface. It is very simple and attractive. You can watch free movies and tv shows online with PopCornFlix. It has it’s own originals movies and shows as well.

In case you find any issue while playing the stream in your country, just turn on the VPN and enjoy the movie. It is a legal service where website people buys movies from production companies. It purely depends on advertisement income.

PopCornFlix’s has new arrivals sections where you can find the latest released movies. You can even browse through the collection genre wise. So just login and enjoy watching the show.

  • HDO

similar to 123Movies - hdo

HDO is one of the popular movie streaming website where you can find the latest released movies and tv shows. It has a great catalogue of movies and good tv shows collection. So it a great alternative to 123Movies and similar to it.

Stream through the top rated IMDB movies, and best of the most requested ones on HDO Movies website. Amazing HD collection movies with wide variety of genres available in HDO. It is available on most of the countries. In case if it is banner in your country, do use Psiphon VPN to bypass this restriction.

No login or account creation is required for HDO. Fresh content will be added to the list every day. But ads are really irritating. Apart from this, HDO is a best sites like 123Movies for watching movies and tv shows online for free.

  • ShowBox

showbox - sites like 123movies

ShowBox is a popular streaming service available only for Android, iOS and smart tvs. It is not available to stream on web. You need to download the app from playstore (currently not available – you can download it from external sources) or app store to watch unlimited movies for free. 

ShowBox is advanced search filters to find the movie that you want to watch matching on your genre and the release year. Most of the movies present in ShowBox are HD quality providing great user experience. Movies will be updated on regular basis.

Best part of Showbox is it allows users to download the movies offline to view them later. So showbox is one of sites like 123Movies to watch movies for free.

  • YesMovies

YesMovies has cool interface and good movies collection. It is a popular sites like 123Movies. Latest movies and tv shows are being added to this platform very often and makes it a reliable platform for watching the latest movies online for free.

Tons of TV Shows are there with all episodes and genre wise in YesMovies. Genres includes Animation, Action, Biography, Comedy, Costume, Musical, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Romance, Mythological, Psychological, Fantasy, Horror, KungFu, Crime and Documentary movies are available.

One of the drawback of this site is advertisements. For every click on this website, it will redirect you to the new windows with advertisements. Apart from this, it is a pretty good one and best alternative to 123Movies

So this is the top 10 list of movies similar to 123Movies. There are even more websites like 123Movies are there which are not listed here. Here a few websites which are not made into the top 10.

  • Niter
  • ZMovies
  • PureFlix
  • VexMovies
  • 123GoStream
  • WatchFree
  • IceFilms
  • Movies25
  • BMovies

Watch Movies without Ads:

Worst part of watching movies in these illegal websites like annoying ads. You will get ads everywhere. Pop up ads makes things even worse.

One good solution to this problem is to get an adBlock extension. It is a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch movies without any advertisements. To enable this, Go to Chrome store and search for AdBlock extension. Add it to your chrome browser and enjoy the show beyond the limits.

Is it Legal to Watch Movies from these Websites?

Governments are taking a very strict actions against the illegal movie hosting websites. It is not legal to stream or share movies without proper copyrights. Under the infringement of copyrights act, many of the websites were shutdown recently but the website owners are creating a new domain and streaming the movies.

Watching movies from these websites is unethical but it’s not illegal to watch. However we recommend to watch movies from legal website listed below – 

 Best Sites to Watch Movies Legally:

  • NetFlix

NetFlix is the biggest video streaming website on the earth. It is most popular among the movie buffs across the world. NetFlix’s originals are simply outstanding and you can find them only on NetFlix. So netflix is the best paid alternative to 123Movies.

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime owned by a retail giant, Amazon, entered into the OTT market recently and gained huge popularity. It offers movies and tv shows on rent or purchase with prime subscription.

  • Hulu

Hulu is an american entertainment company to provide movies and tv shows streaming. It is a good replacement to cable tv network as well. Hulu has a great list of movies and originals content. 

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Here is official video of Sony cracke –

Sites like 123Movies – Conclusion:

 123Movies is a popular website for streaming online movies at free of cost. But it may be unavailable to you due to many reasons or you might have got bored of this. We have listed down a few websites similar to 123Movies. These sites like 123Movies includes both legal and illegal websites. Out of these top 10 websites like 123Movies, PopCornFlix and Sony Crackle are the legal ones and remaining are piracy websites.

If you want to watch online movies legally, you can opt for NetFlix, Amazon or Hulu etc. So with this I’m concluding this blog post on Top 10 Best Sites Like 123Movies. Do comment if you know any other best websites like 123Movies. Cheers!

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